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    Für Immer.
    Crying over John Constantine

    I'm actually Dizimart

    -Game of Thrones
    -From Dusk Till Dawn
    -Orphan Black
    -American Horror Story
    -Teen Wolf
    -Pushing Daisies

    I'm horribly in love with Abaddon and sharks ♥
    Also I cry lot over Tommy Merlyn

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    coffee is the most important meal of the day

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    Screencap Meme
    Castiel | Bruised & Battered

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    yeah I wasn’t supposed to read all the volumes the library’s missing today.

    but I did. goddamnit.

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    Oh no. This is the first Constantine fanart that has shown up on my dash. And it’s BEAUTIFUL, let me tell you. But I’m now I’m afraid the torture has begun because I’m going to start mixing Cas up with Constantine. I kinda wish they would switch Cas’s (correct punctuation, wtf are you?) trench coat to the coal black one he is wearing in the poster I have of him. It’s sexy, anyways.
    #constantine#castiel#trench coat#beautiful fanart
    Awww thank you sweetie! :3
    Well I’m gonna keep drawing John with blonde hair and cas with dark brown so that’s at least one way to tell them apart :’D
    Whooo I should actually draw Cas with black coat that looks so amazing on him! °3°

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    ribbonsofgold   reply   

    Sketches I drew last night on my flight back home~

    but in digital format, originals are with pencil and marker but they needed lot of fixing so i just drew the lineart all over again digitally, in a slightly experimental way. Also coloured them, in different way I usually do. I’m experimenting.

    tl;dr; I just find it really cute John says ciggies.