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  • Graphic Designing student
  • My life's basically just tv-shows and art
  • I tag everything ♥
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  • Shark Week °u°
  • watching on finnish tv

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Whatever crap's on
  • Trying to finish

  • Breaking Bad (on s4)
  • American Horror Story s2
  • Twin Peaks s2
  • Revolution (on s1)
  • Da Vinci's Demons (on s2)
  • Almost Human (s1)
  • The Tomorrow People (s1)
  • Creating


    Femslash Mini-Bang
    SamLucifer BigBang
    femslash february (I'll finish all of them one day)


    Not editing much atm but maybe I get back to it
    spn meme
    Url graphics

    15th February 2012 ♥
    6th July 2012 ♥
    27th July 2012 ♥
    29th June 2013 ♥
    26-127th July 2014 ♥
    Für Immer.
    Crying over John Constantine

    I'm actually Dizimart

    -Game of Thrones
    -From Dusk Till Dawn
    -Orphan Black
    -American Horror Story
    -True Detective
    -Pushing Daisies

    I'm horribly in love with Abaddon and sharks ♥
    Also I cry lot over Tommy Merlyn

    Sidebars:Dean | Punk Cas | Gadreel | Oliver
    Banner arts

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